7 ways to increase your CRS score

Sometimes the right information is all you need to increase crs score; Getting required CRS score for positive express entry draw can be tricky for some people due to low language test score(IETLS), difficulty in education evaluation, and lack of Canadian work experience among other limitations.

Comprehensive ranking system is a system created to evaluate and rank profiles based on their respective scores.

I will highlight the issues and proffer 8 tips on steps you can take to increase crs score points and increase your chance of receive an invitation to apply(ITA).

Ties in Canada

If you have a ties with anyone who is 18 years of age or above either by blood, adoption or marriage and, you can prove your ties, you get 15 points.

Improve your language proficiency

language alone takes up to 290 points, so do not take it for granted. you should aim for CLB10 i.e IETLS minimum score of 8 SEE LINK.
if you are 30 or above , you might want to compensate for that by having a good IETLS score.if you have a background in french, you might want to try taking the TEF test.


Adding more qualifications to the ones you have already, for instance , you can get a diploma or any one year programme and join it together and increase CRS score in the pool.

Work experience

The only way to shoot up your score with this is to get a minimum of 3years experience. Make sure the job is NOC SKILL type A, O or B.
Getting a job offer from outside Canada may be difficult, but you have everything to gain and nothing to lose if you try to get on online job portals.

If you work for a multinational company, you can explore crossing to your Canadian office and increase your score through this.
How to find jobs in Canada

Provincial nominee program

All provinces are allowed to design a nominee program; Therefore research any of the programs that best suits you.
Even the provinces go to the pool to check for applicants;Based on a person’s attributes, An applicant may be asked to apply for the nominee program of a particular province.
Immediately you apply you will allotted 600 points.
You can look up for all the provincial nominee program and see which one you qualify for. Read this article.

Tweak your options

If you are married, present whoever is liable to get the highest score as the primary applicant.

And there is nothing stopping you to have two separate applications. Husband can be the primary applicant on one while the wife is the primary applicant on the other .


In the express entry pool, if you feel your spouse is not doing too well in terms of qualifications or other aspect,you should consider applying alone. You will tick married but when asked if you are coming alone ,you should tick yes.

Then you will be assessed as a single candidate and your points will not be shared with your spouse.

So when you get to Canada you can apply to sponsor your spouse to come over.

Read how to bring your spouse and family over to Canada.

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