Things To Get Within Your First Week In Canada

Being a new migrant in a new country,in your first week in Canada,you may be faced with cultural and system differences. Especially coming from an African country, you will find out the way of doing things are different. And you may be lost on the first thing to do the moment you arrive at the airport.

Here are list of things you need to know to kick start your new life in Canada.


The first thing to put in place is getting yourself a social insurance number. Keep it safe at all times, everything will be attached to it e.g work, tax etc.

It is a 9 digits number that starts with 9 (temporary) or 5(permanent).
once you arrive in Canada, go to the nearest SERVICE CANADA and get it done within 30 minutes.
Visitor’s visa or study permit as the case may be and your international passport.


The Canadian health system is free, to enjoy this as a resident, you need to get the health card.

If you are an international student, liaise with your school.Since you have paid for health insurance included in your tuition.
If you are on a different visa or a permanent resident, you can register and your cover will start after 90 days.

During the 90 days waiting period, you can register for day to day insurance so you can enjoy health care. It cost just 5 CAD

For more on Canadian health care


As a new comer ,in your first week in Canada , you may want to prepare to lodge in a hotel pending the time you can secure a condo, basement or apartment depending on your financial strength.
Some landlords may require you sign a lease period agreement, so within that agreed period of time , you can not quit the premises and some may even ask of proof of funds, to make sure that you are working and can pay the rents.


Canada signed agreement with some countries especially the commonwealth countries, that you can come into the country and drive once you have swapped your international drivers license with the Canadian drivers’ license.

But if you are not from this countries, you have to apply for G1 role, take the test, pass and get 80%
after then you can register for G-2, once you get the G-2 license you can still drive while you go for the G-license.
you can actually skip the G-2 and go for G-license depending on how good in driving you are.


Communication is key, it is advisable you bring along a phone from your county and just buy sim card over here instead of signing a phone contract over here that will tie you to a phone network for 1-2 years. You can get a sim card from the cheaper network like koodo,fido, freedom etc.


You need a bank account for your daily transaction, so as a new comer you need to ask for new comer’s package that will exempt you from paying for the use of chequing account and a grace period of one year. Once you tell Banks like TDBANK, RBC, BMO AND CIBC that you are new in the country, they will offer you new package that will exempt you from payments that are unnecessary.
The basic requirements is your international passport and SIN.
However, you must read the terms and conditions before you sign anything. If you don’t understand make sure they explain to you.


this is very key because of the weather. You can use the public transport system by obtaining daily pass or monthly .
other options like Uber , lift or taxi are available. You may also get used car or a new one.


It is only a matter of time that you finish spending the money you brought to Canada. So looking for a job is a matter of urgency.In your first week in Canada,It could be difficult at first being a JJC but it is not impossible. Read how to get a job fast

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