How to bring your spouse to Canada while studying

Most married applicants would love to bring spouse to Canada with them if given the opportunity but It is advisable while processing your student visa to leave your kids and spouse out of the picture; in the sense that,
you must leave your spouse and kids as your ties to your home country. This will give the consular the impression that you have strong ties to your country and you will go back after your studies.

When you are done with your application and given the student’s permit, you move alone at first.

So how do you bring your family to join you?

The scope is to you bring your family in after you have been granted visa and you are already studying in Canada.
The moment you arrive in Canada and you start studying, you can apply for spousal open work permit.
This can be done after you have proven that you are enrolled in the school through a letter from the school.
Canadian immigration has already created the program or avenue with which bring spouse to Canada while you are studying. Your spouse will be able to work for the duration of your study permit.

for more information you on open spousal work permit, click here

For the kids, you can apply for visitors’ permit, and they can continue their schooling which in fact is free of charge as
long as they are under 18 years. In Canada , primary and secondary school education is totally free.
The only clause is that, they too will be on your visa i.e they are eligible for the duration of your own visa. Once your
visa expires, their eligibility expires as well.

you can visit the CIC website for better explanation and research

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