Canadian Post Graduate Work Permit

How do you go about post graduate work permit? Who is qualified for it, can it be extended? These are the questions and more that will be tackled shortly in the article.

Before you pick a school in Canada, you need to check if it is a designated learning institution so that you will be qualified for post graduate work permit. If the school is not, you will not be eligible for work permit after studying
which is equal to waste of study time.
The process for application is rather simple but there are conditions and requirements involved and they are:

  • If you the course offered is less than 8 months, you are not qualified.
  • If your course duration is between 8 months to 2 years, you are qualified for 1 year post graduate work permit, however in some cases,for instance, if the course is not up to a year but is within 8-11 months, the duration of your work permit may have to be determined by the your case officer in Canada immigration. The immigration officer have the prerogative to determine how many years he will issue for you.
  • Any program 2 years and above qualifies for 3 years post graduate work permit.

< 8 months = not qualified.
8 months to less than 2 years = qualified for a year.
2 years and above = qualified for 3 years.


  • you have 180 days after schooling to apply for post graduate work permit. any day outside that, you may be denied
  • you must have studied in a designated learning institution
  • your programme must be 8 months minimum
    -you need to maintain a full time status throughout your stay in school.

In rare cases, A candidate may be given less years that he or she is supposed to get, perhaps the passport is expiring soon, your case officer will never give you
work permit that exceeds the validity of your passport. So try and renew your passport if need be.

A candidate may be INELIGIBLE due to the following reasons

  • Neither English nor French language is your language of instruction during your course of study.
  • If you take any course based on self interest/self development i.e any course for your own personal development
  • The candidate is sponsored by his or her country to come and study in Canada.
  • If you have been work permit once,they may not give you the second time but it may be extended in rare cases.

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Accelerated courses – These are programmes that is supposed to finish in a year however a candidate may finish before the stipulated time and still qualify for post graduate work permit.
Distance learning – if 60% you are attend class, 40 % online class, you are qualified but if you attend 40% classes, 60% online , you will not be qualified.
Leave of absence from study -if you are able to come back and finish your course after leave of absence you will be qualified.
School transfer – if you transfer between two designated learning institutions, the case officer will determine if there is continuity so as to determine if you are qualified.


  • Official letter from school
  • A copy of Transcript
  • Go online to CIC and download the work permit form and fill it
  • Bio metrics
  • Passport photograph
  • Data Page of international passport

It is advisable to do a 2 years post graduate course so as to qualify for a 3 years work permit, so within the 3 years, you can get NOC O, A or B category jobs needed to be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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