While searching for school you should understand that it is not just any school you should apply to. The school must be accredited as a one of the designated learning institutions in Canada; so that you can qualify for post graduate work permit when you are done schooling.
If your plan is to come to Canada and study, then go back to your country afterwards you need not worry.

But if you want to study then qualify for work permit after your course of study, the onus is on you to do due diligence and be sure that the school that you are applying to is among the schools listed as a designated learning institution by the Canadian immigration.

Otherwise, you will not to be given a post graduate work permit. Therefore you can not get the much needed work experience you will need to get your permanent residency.

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How to find a designated learning institution

Research your prospective school carefully to know if it is a designated learning institution; baring in mind that not all colleges and universities are designated learning institutions.

Check List of designated Schools here

Peradventure for one reason or the other, the Canadian immigration service withdraws a school from the designated learning institution list during the course of your program,this change will not affect you but to be on a safer side , you can transfer to another school and continue with the program.

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