To make the choice whether to apply for a student visa or ply the express entry route to Canada. There are certain things you have to consider especially if you don’t have the right information.

Just bare it in mind that whatever your way of entry, the end goal is still getting a permanent stay.

In my own case , after my study I applied for post graduate work experience to get Canadian work experience.

Afterwards I applied for express entry. It took me more than 3 years to get to into the pool. But you can be a permanent resident in a shorter time if you apply and get into the pool directly.

If you have a good score in your IETLS test and you have had your credentials evaluated. The next thing is create a profile for express entry, your chances of being drawn is high and you could be on your way to Canada in a matter of time.

However to make such decision , there are few factors you should consider.

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People aged 30 and above will not get good score because of their age if they apply for express entry. The older you are, the lesser score you can get.

So if you are in this age category,you should consider coming through study and get Canadian work experience.

This will set you up for good points when they eventually get into the pool.
If you are young, instead of going through the longer route,take the language test and get your WES evaluation. Create your Express entry profile where you can get PR directly without wasting time with study route.

if you are in your late 20s , it is best you go through express entry. Because by that time you are done with study, you have added two to three years to you age .

see how to evaluate your credentials here


This also can determine which path to follow, if you have HND/BSC/MSC/PHD qualifications. Why do you have to waste time to apply for diploma or additional degree before you get into the pool. With your qualifications you can get good points.
I am not saying coming in for study is a bad idea. But if you have a good qualification and can pass the language test, I always advise express entry.

Express entry is the still the destination whether you come for study or apply for express entry directly.

So to save yourself some time,it is best to enter the pool directly. You may however apply for study permit as a back up.

If your points is low in the pool, you can also look into provincial nominee program. Look for the job or skills they needed and apply. Provincial nominee programs have less requirement for IETLS, this could work for you.

If you feel study permit is your best shot,I am not discouraging you but to give information about your options. you can do your research and make the best decision beneficial to you.

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