There are ten provinces in Canada that operates provincial nominee programme and each province has their own system for the programme.
In this article, i will be giving out the five easiest provinces that you can apply for their provincial nominee and
once you meet the requirement you will be on your way to Canada before 2021 runs out.


INTERNATIONAL SKILLED WORKER: This allows skilled workers with experience in the needed area of expertise to apply and enter the pool.

The provincial government will make a weekly or monthly draw, if you are drawn, they will request for your documents. If everything goes well, you will be allocated 600 points . In the federal express entry pool, with 600 points extra , you will be drawn.
OCCUPATION IN DEMAND LIST: There are some occupations in demand in province of Saskatchewan.

if you have the needed experience in one of the occupations needed, you can apply for their nominee program,

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There are several streams under British Columbia provincial nominee program but here is a few of them:

Skilled Worker: With the required skilled experience , you can visit the British Columbia provincial nominee website and express your interest. There is 600 points for grabs which will aid you in the federal express entry draws.
INTERNATIONAL POST GRADUATE: In this stream, you must have studied in British Columbia before you are eligible to apply.


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This stream under Novia Scotia provincial nominee program is
Nova Scotia immigrants international Graduate entrepreneur stream: This stream is for people with entrepreneurial ideas who studied in the province. A minimum of two years study is required. You can express your interest if you ion.

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International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: People that have studied in Alberta with entrepreneurial skills can apply. This is a ploy to keep the best brains and use it to develop the province.

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There are several streams in Ontario for international postgraduate, french speakers, skilled worker and so much more.

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