There are several means to make your migration dream come true but in order not to bore ourselves with a lengthy write up and too much talk. I have shortlisted below five of the ways to migrate to Canada in 2021.


It is cost effective and seamless but also cumbersome and tough because of the criteria involved. If you
can get it right, it is still one of the best ways to move .
Express entry also have three branches with which you can migrate, you just have to choose the one which suits you best
and they are :
– FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER: this is based on your work experience outside Canada. You can use that as a leverage to enter.
– CANADA EXPERIENCE CLASS(CEC): this are for the ones already in Canada, who have studied or have had some working experience
inside of Canada, whereby such individuals can apply for permanent residency.
– FEDERAL SKILLED TRADE: If you are outside Canada and you are skilled in certain trades or handwork like plumbing,welding etc.
you can leverage on the skills you have and migrate to Canada. For more information on this CLICK HERE


There are ten provinces in Canada, each provinces have their own distinct provincial nominee programs. In 2021, it is reported that Canada wants to bring in over 80,000 immigrants through provincial nominee program.
Criteria they look for are:
They will look at certain requirements like Job offer i.e if you had been offered a job in Canada. Or you have a connection to the province i.e you have a family or you have studied in the province before you can be qualified for provincial nomination.

Some provinces has shortlisted some occupation that are highly in demand e.g tradesmen,nurses, doctors, IT specialists etc.
if you can back up your work experience with letter of employment from your employer, you can be considered.


Getting work permit from outside Canada is very tough but possible . There are ways to migrate to Canada through work permit
which are:
INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE CANADA: It is only open to 36 countries and individuals between age 18 to 35.
LABOUR MARKET IMPACT ANALYSIS: This one is so rigorous that most employers may be reluctant unless you are the very best at what you do. Employers will have to prove to the government that they have advertised the job for 30 days and done interview for people inside Canada, without finding someone qualified unless they bring you to Canada as an expatriate. They are also have to pay $1000 to file for you.


INTRA COMPANY WORK PERMIT: For those of you working in multi national companies like Deloitte or shell etc. you can get a work permit form the company in your country, they use it to enter Canada
USMCA : This is basically United state, Mexico and Canada worker exchange. This is a contract between these 3 countries to exchange workers. It is not open to other countries.


If you apply to a school in Canada, and your visa application is granted then you are entitled to get a work permit after your
school program depending on the duration of your studies. The experience you get from you work experience will be vital in your application for Canada experience class and eventually getting a permanent residency.


A sponsor can get a spouse or a dependant into Canada. In case where the sponsor is a permanent resident of Canada, the sponsor is at liberty to get a spouse and child under 18 or parent within a year to also obtain permanent residency.

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