Are you between 35 to 40 years and above? And you think express entry and provincial nominee might not work for you migrate to Canada because of your age? This article is specially written for you.

It is a known fact that coming to Canada through express entry or provincial nominee is age reliant, the younger the better your chance and points. The program is specifically designed for young talented people all over the world to come to Canada to work and develop the country. So therefore the older you are, the more you lose
Don’t lose hope yet, there are other options you can use, which is study.
Study would be the easiest path for you to migrate to Canada because there is no age limit to application for studies, just apply to a school and with God on your side, you will be granted a study visa.

Once you get to Canada and start studying, the next thing is get a letter from your school showing that you are enrolled into class and use it to apply for open spousal work permit for your spouse back home.


There is high possibility you will be granted if everything is done right because this is a legal means of getting visa for
spouse of students studying in Canada or someone working in Canada.
you can also bring in your kids (see how)
for more information you on open spousal work permit, click here

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