There are quite a number of organisations that evaluates credentials but i will be discussing WES evaluation because it is somewhat the most popular.

A credential evaluation is a report that provides a comparison of a student’s academic credentials earned in another country to the Canadian or the American educational system. The importance of credentials evaluation to your quest towards express entry can not be over emphasised. It is necessary to put your qualifications in the same pedestal with Canadian standard in order to get good point in the express entry pool.

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There are several institutions that does the evaluation. So how do you go about this?
you log on to WES.ORG.


Choose your preferred country


Create a profile, follow all instructions, fill in your information as requested and you will be given a reference number.

Before a reference number will be generated, you will be required to pay the evaluation fee which is $220 (as at the time of this publication) .

The generated number needs to be safeguarded, because that is what you will be sharing with your learning institution or any other processing you will be doing afterwards.
During the course of the evaluation, you will need to request for school transcript and have it sent to WES. Once received, they will revert back to your school to affirm the authenticity.
It usually takes up to 20 business days for the evaluation and assessment.


Have WAEC/NECO send your results directly; You may choose to send it yourself (as long as it is signed and sealed). You will then need to download a form, in which you will put your exam number. It could be required to buy a result checker card and fill in the pin in the form.

So that WES can use it to confirm the result is actually from WAEC.

it could be a long process but with due diligence, it is quite easy

Here are points to note:

  • Do a course-by-course evaluation instead of document-by-document evaluation. WES will only evaluate the important courses in your transcript while others not relevant to your post graduate studies will be neglected. This may boost your CGPA – Most times, irrelevant courses always spoil CGPA.

This means that even if your CGPA is low, you can have more than 3.0/4 when converted to the Canadian system.

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