How To Find Jobs In Canada

Job search is one of the things that should be on your mind as you are processing your visa to Canada but don’t be overly bothered; As at the time of writing this article, employment rate in Canada increased by 0.6% , while unemployment rate dropped by 5.7% which means there is considerable high number of both white collar jobs and blue collar jobs available for seekers of jobs in Canada. Despite the favorable statistics, there are few barriers or difficulties in getting a job in Canada and they are –

  • Lack of Canadian work experience
  • Unrecognized qualifications and licenses
  • Language barrier – There are two languages in Canada(French and English), an English speaker looking for work in a French speaking Canadian Provinces could prove difficult.


  • Tailor your resume to Canadian standards.
  • Be sure to network and get referrals.It will definitely go a long way to help you get a job quick.
  • Internship/volunteer jobs – You can apply for internships or volunteer for jobs so as to get the much needed Canadian work experience to put in your resume.
  • Job fairs – Attending job fairs for connects could do you good in your job search.
  • Online Job portals
  • Talk to family and friends – Engage people who have been in the country before you.
  • Employment Agencies.
  • For some professions, you need to go to school or take a course and get licensed before practicing.
  • Get a Skill/Trade – Start learning skills in demand like plumbing, tailoring,electrician or take a second degree.
  • Mentor ship – Find yourself a good mentor.
  • Ignore naysayers
  • Get blue collar job in the meantime as long as it does not interfere with the job search.

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