Are black people welcome in Canada? Is there systemic racism in Canada as compared to United States and some countries in Europe
In the this article, we will discuss about the racial disposition of Canada.

There is racism everywhere, Canada inclusive, though it may not be as prominent. The Canadian government has spoken times after time and have taken steps to ameliorate traces of racism in the society.
However,police racial profiling still exists, police are more likely to stop and search a black man than a white man.
it may not be as rampant and brutal like the United States but you will still get to some places that you will be reminded you are black.
Personally, i don’t think racism can be totally eradicated but it can be well managed. So this is just a little heads up,
so if you are planning to come to Canada, have it at the back of your mind especially if you are coming from an African country.

here is a report on systemic racism and discrimination

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