Why Canadian Work permit is difficult for foreigners

Canadian work permit is a document that gives right to live and work in the country; While Labour market impact analysis (LMIA) is a document an employer files for a foreign worker outside Canada to be given work permit.

What you need to know about LMIA

Assuming you responded to a Canadian job vacancy from outside Canada, the employer are willing to offer you the position; For you to be able to get work permit that will be used for your visa application requires a document called LMIA.
A positive LABOUR MARKET IMPACT ANALYSIS shows that there is need for a foreigner to fill a job position ; After the position has been advertised for 30 days and no residents of Canada is available or qualified to take the position after conduction an interview.

Once the agency are satisfied that none in the Country is fit for the job after the employer have advertised and conducted interviews within a 30 days window; Thereby forcing the employer to look outside the country for qualified person to fill in the Job, Canadian work permit will be granted.

The LMIA application will be verified by the EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL AND DEVELOP CANADA (ESDC).
This is a way Canadian government use to make sure people in Canada are first considered for job before foreigners.
So for you as a foreigner to get a Canadian workers permit through LMIA; An employer will file and prove that no one is qualified to do the job unless they bring you.
Unless you are the very best at what you do, employers may be reluctant in going through with the process. It also take months to file for LMIA and it costs the employer 1000 Canadian Dollar per position.

How do you apply for LMIA?
There is little you can do as an applicant from outside Canada. All you have to do is apply for a job and if the Company or employer are willing; they will file for Canadian work permit on your behalf.

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