In case, you are wondering what course or career path to choose in Canada, I will be elucidating some courses that when you are done studying,your chances of a success is high and you will definitely get a job.

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As the population ages, there is an increasing high demand for primary health care. So you can go into this field of study.
If you already have a degree in nursing from outside Canada, you will have to register and take exams from the nursing institute in Canada. Once you have done the needful, you can start to earn.

Earnings is as high as 100,000CAD per annum and 35CAD/hr.
There are two types of nursing, practical nurse and registered nurse. To be a practical nurse, you need a two years diploma but there will be limitations to what you can do as compared to registered nurse with 4 years degree.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a postgraduate program (Master’s program). To be admitted into the program, you need to first have B.Sc. degree in Nursing and be registered as a Registered Nurse. It will take minimum of 2 years to complete after completion of B.Sc. degree in Nursing and being an Registered Nurse.


If you are an IT expert and you can develop software and versatile with coding etc. It is one of the most sought after jobs in Canada.


Organisations are looking for accountants and finance managers. What you need is a bachelors degree in business administration or MBA or any related course , get your CPA certification in financial management field.


This career path is one of the most sought after and it will still be in demand for years to come. It is
a job where you will be in the surgery room to give anaesthetics to patients about to undergo surgery and monitor the
Requirements are undergraduate degree in medical field, at least five years of residency, specialised exams, and certification by the royal college of physicians.


Requirements are bachelors degree in any engineering field, project management certification and other certification.


It is an high risk occupation but it is also highly paying one. It is always in high demand because the police department are always recruiting both at provincial level and federal level.
Requirements are high school diploma or university degree, physical and psychological fitness.


There are shortage of pilots yet it is the most sought after job in Canada. Its requirements are Aviation school, license etc


Large percentage of the population wears eye glasses, therefore the need for opticians will always keep rising.
Requirement is an approved training program; pass your national optical science exam, register with a regulatory body in your provinces. you will earn money while helping people solve their eyes problem


The demand for the job will continue to be high since it is an health related occupation. Requirements are pharmacy degree,pass board exams, register in you province.


The last but not the least of the career path in Canada is the medical profession; Opportunities are plenty either in Hospitals, clinic, health centres or private practice. An individual can specialise in different field of medicine, which is why the opportunities in this field will not decrease anytime soon.
Requirements are medical school, residency and obtaining of licenses

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