Canada is ranked one of the best countries in the world- second only to Switzerland at number 1 and Japan at number 2. The criteria for this ranking is the standard of living, human rights, education , racial equality and so on. Why wouldn’t anyone want to migrate to Canada.

If you are looking for a good reason to move to Canada, here is a few reasons to consider –


Canada is big, welcoming and multicultural country in which you can settle down fast. There is a strong possibility of meeting your own community, For instance, the Nigerian community is fairly large, which can help you settle down fast when you get inside of Canada.


Canada has the best economy in North America, unemployment rate stands at 5.8% which is low, inflation rate is at 1.4%, which is outstanding compared to many other countries.


white collar jobs is not exactly guaranteed for migrants, but well paying blue collar jobs can give you the leeway to settle effectively while you pursue your dreams.

How to find jobs in Canada


Canadian government don’t joke with health. Every have access to free health care. compared to United States that you have to pay through your noses to get good health care.


Primary and secondary education is free for permanent residents and Canadian citizens.


Canada has designed a system and several programs for migrants to migrate to Canada effectively. It is one of the few countries that allow graduate students become permanent residents after study. As long as you follow the required procedures.


Once you hold a Canadian passport as a citizen, you can visit 117 countries visa free and 51 other countries with visa on arrival.

These are more than enough reason to start processing your applications. If not for your own sake -for your children’s sake.

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