Best Canadian province for international students

The best province international students that will be easiest to get a provincial nomination for permanent residence should be what every prospective international students (especially if you are above certain age) should look out for before applying for admission into any school.

Searching for a suitable school for your masters or PHD should not be only based on cheap tuition alone. Frankly speaking , there are really no cheap school anywhere for international students especially in Canada. International students always pay double or triple what citizen pays for higher education.

Considering the benefits of easy pathway to permanent citizenship provided by each provinces, here are few of the provinces I think you should consider while searching for school

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the best destination for international students because you can be a permanent resident while you are still a student. As long as you have the necessary work experience in the Noc code and have created an express entry profile – because the notification of interest will be given to you in your profile.

It is better to target New Brunswick and search for a suitable program and apply for a study permit. While your mate are still studying in other province , you are already eligible for permanent residency.

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Other provinces are

British Columbia: you can get provincial nomination without a job offer after graduation. But it has to be in one of the recommended courses at master or PHD level.

Manitoba: requires you to complete an internship in certain programmes for you to be eligible to apply for provincial nomination.

Ontario: if you complete a PHD program, you will be eligible for provincial nomination without a job offer.

Other provinces requires you to finish and get Canadian work experience although Saskatchewan has an option of claiming work experience while studying.

New Brunswick is the best province for international students to get provincial nomination while studying; So before you start applying, you need to ask yourself how you will be a permanent resident after studying.

This should be your ultimate guide.

Top provincial nominee programs

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