Five Things You Need Before You Apply For Study Visa

There are different stages in processing a study visa for international studies. Searching and applying to a school is the first and foremost of the processes. Before you can actually apply for study visa, you must have chosen a school and satisfy all the admission processes before the school gives you the nod to apply.

With that being said, lets dive right in to the things you should have handy before you can begin the study visa application process and preparation for eventual invitation for interview.

Letter of acceptance

This shows that you have been accepted by a school to study a particular program for stipulated period of time. Before you can apply for study visa, you must have chosen a school and satisfy all the admission processes; like application fee, uploading of document, statement of purpose etc; before the school gives you the nod to apply for study visa.

International Passport

Before you begin applying to schools at all, you need to get your visa ready and available. The validity should not be less than 6 months.

Proof of funds

This is your bank statement that will proof that you have enough funds to cater for yourself while you are in the country and also pay for your trip back to your home country.
The money in the account is expected to cover for your tuition,transportation, accommodation etc.
It is not a must for the bank statement to be your own, it is possible to the make use of a sponsor’s own. The most important thing is the ingenuity and the cash flow.
Do not falsify your bank statement. see the implication of falsify proof of funds

Police Clearance

You need to show you have no criminal background. To obtain this , walk into any police station and get the document stating that you do not have any criminal record.

Ties to home country

This can not be over emphasized, many visa application has been rejected based on this. Read more on reasons for study visa denial.
This helps to show the immigration officer that you are going to come back to your country. If you are married, include your marriage certificate or if you have kids, you can get their birth certificates to support your claim that you have strong ties back home.
You can get a letter from your employer or your company stating the number of years that you have worked with them, how much you earn, also, the letter must state that the employer is aware of your travel and you will come back.
If you are an entrepreneur, you need to proof that you are thriving in your country and will come back.

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