Visa Application: Implication of Fake Proof of Funds Document

Proof of funds is very important and required for your visa application processing; either express entry, provincial nominee program, study or visiting.
This important document helps the immigration officer to determine whether you will be able to fend for yourself throughout the period of your stay in the country. However due to one reasons to the other, some applicants tender fake statement of account; without understanding the gravity of such act.

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How much do you need to show as proof of funds?

The amount of money that will suffice as proof of funds depends on the type of application. The required funds for express entry is different from visiting and so is the required funds for study visa.
However, the more money you can show, the better for you or at least just enough to cover your living expenses and your return travel cost.
It is common to see cases where applicants who does not have enough financial strength to be compelled by travel agents to get a fake statement of account.
This agents claim the immigration officers will not know or check to see the authenticity of the document.
But the truth is, the consulate have their own way of doing background checks on people; If they detect that you submitted a fake proof of funds, it can earn you five years travel ban.
In the case of detection, the embassy will give you time to contest and proof that the document of proof of funds you submitted is genuine; If you do not bring sufficient proof within the stipulated time, they will now issue the ban.
This is called procedural fairness because they will not just give you ban out rightly without giving you a chance of fair hearing.
It is better to not submit any document at all than to falsify a document or give a false information; it may come back to haunt you.
Therefore beware of sweet talking and overzealous agents, because you will be the one to face the music.
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