Courses To Avoid As An International Student

As an international student, if you will go back to your home country with the skill gained from your studies; There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing whatever course you like but if you are looking to study and stay then you need to know the courses to avoid as an international student.

Avoid courses with duration that is less than two years

Because you will need at least two years of study to qualify for three years work experience that will be valuable for your express entry profile. Also, some provinces requires you to have lived in the province for two years to qualify for their provincial nomination.

Avoid courses that only lead to self employment

Why? Unless you are targeting immigration under entrepreneurial pathway or few immigration programs for entrepreneurs. This programs are not only few but also have less capacity for a large number of people. Canada wants people with skill-sets to work and self employment does not qualify therefore you have to make yourself employable.

Avoid courses that requires rigorous licensing

Before choosing a course, find out whether the occupation in the course is going to be regulated and require license. If the licensing takes too long, then you are most likely going to waste some time on the licensing process before you can get Canadian work experience.
Licensing rules varies from province to province; if you are selecting a school, make sure you check the regulations of the provinces as well.
Remember the at least two years of study rule; If you are in Canada for less than two years of study with one year work permit but you need a year to process your license; you will probably end up with no work experience and will have to go back to your country against your wish.

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Avoid courses that have very low potential of employments

There are some courses whose career that are low in demand, and there are some that are not in demand at all. Some in-demand skills might even get you a placement while still in school. Avoid low or no demand career path because while your colleagues are getting the much needed work experience you will be wasting time looking for job and moving from one province to another looking for jobs pertaining to your course of study. This will be counting against your immigration plans.

Therefore before you choose any course, make sure it is in-demand in that particular province.
There are courses that will either take time before you get a job or you will have to take jobs not relating to your training. Here listed below are few examples of courses to consider carefully before choosing them or courses to avoid as an international student.

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  • Philosophy
  • Geology – Before choosing geology, you have to consider and research the particular provinces, You do not want to study geology in Ontario where there is no oil and gas. This course will be more suitable for Alberta,Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba. Therefore research, research and research.
  • Hospitality degrees – This is a good course if you are taking the skill back to your home country.
  • Political Science
  • Theology/biblical studies
  • History
  • Music
  • Journalism/mass media
  • Teaching
  • Architecture
  • Arts

You need to ask yourself what your end goal is. If you want to migrate, you have to study the courses within the skill set needed that will lead to post graduate work permit; In order to get the needed Canadian work experience that you will use in your express entry profile to get permanent residency.
Migration process begins the moment you start your application for a course of study. This is why you need a good strategy and careful planning before you choose a course of study.
You may also need to consult with a professional immigration lawyer or advisor to avoid wasting time and money.

Its not that some of these courses are bad, but there are certain barriers for immigrants. Also, certain fields are hard to penetrate. It may take a while to find your footing and remember you have limited time to get your permanent residency. If you are more settled, if you wish you can get a second degree or whatever pleases you.

Kindly note that this is not a professional or legal advice, this article is only based on opinion and observations. Please endeavor to do your own personal research or seek professional advice to make your decisions.

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  1. architecture is not a bad course anywhere in the world, its just that it is not deemed as high demand occupation.

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