6 Jobs In Canada that are Dirty And Lucrative

The mentality some people carry abroad often limit their scope to certain white collar professions like doctors, engineers,nurses, accountant etc, whereas there are jobs in Canada that surprisingly high paying that they are not looking out for or simply, feeling too big to do.

The truth is the Canadian dream is real. The system allows people to thrive regardless of what you do. And you will be respected as a human being regardless of what you have or what you do. This is one of the reasons why many seeks the greener pasture to have a better quality of life.

In Africa, you have to have certain amounts of money or be in a certain social class or be in a certain profession to be respected and be able to have access to basic amenities of life. Whereas in western countries like Canada, no one cares what you do or how much you earn, everyone seems equal and there is no form of economic or financial oppression.

Read How to Get Jobs in Canada


There are residential cleaners who cleans people’s home for a fee and they charge by square/feet. The wage could be as high as possible depending on the size of the house. Within a short time, the job is done; Now imagine if you have four houses in a day, you can be making the money you make in your country per month in a day.

There are also contract cleaners who cleans commercial buildings everyday after working hours; this can be a side hustle for people who wants to make extra bucks.


There is a minimum wage for people in this kind of profession and they can still make more in tips. If you can perfect the art i.e knowing how to serve and make good impression on customers, your take home will be on the high side.

Hair Dressers/Barber

Hair braiding can be very expensive and sometimes customers will have to book in advance because of the large amount of people that wants your service. There is no limit to what you can make per day in this line of work.

Truck Drivers

You can either be an owner operator or lease a truck either ways you get to make lots of money driving trucks for personal hauling business or under contract with companies like courier companies.


There are trades in high demands varying from province to province. Trades like plumbing, carpenter, welders, mechanics, electrician, upholstery etc.

There are skills that require licensing and years of apprenticeship, so you need to check for specific provinces and see their requirements.

Health care aid worker

These are people who assist and take care of patients; The aged or the sick patients that can not do things for themselves like bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting. Out of all the jobs in Canada mentioned, this one is considered the dirtiest because you may have to carry shit and piss; but we all know there is nothing like dirty money and also, money do not smell.

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