Ways To Enter Canada Without IETLS

Are there ways to enter Canada without IETLS? Yes, it is possible. In this article, i will try to highlight the path ways through which you actually migrate without having to take the language test.


Coming from an English speaking country and having gone through school with English language as the major language of instruction, you will be exempted from the requirement. Except if you are passing through programs like student direct stream or Nigerian student express.


If you are entering as a visitor, you don’t need IETLS to apply but you should know that the as at the time of writing this article, the processing time has changed because of COVID-19, and except if you belong to the group of people coming on essential services and for family reunification, getting a visitor’s visa may get tricky.
Family reunification is the case of people who have families in Canada as in sons or daughters. In case of siblings, you may have to prove why you need to go. Are you celebrating something, are you graduating? Did someone just give birth without any help to take care of children, so they need you to come?
This are the instances or reasons with which they may give you visiting visa, otherwise you may not be granted visa at this period.
Also, you may also need to know that processing time for visitor’s visa in Nigeria is now 435 days.

See how to get jobs in Canada


Job opportunities that have labor market input assessment and falls within essential worker group like nursing,doctors,expatriate, agricultural workers are allowed to enter Canada without IETLS.
The processing time for work permit is different from country to country. For India, it takes 10 weeks while it takes 39 weeks for Nigeria. This affects the employ ability of Nigerians adversely.
Employers would rather hire Indians that can be processed within 10 weeks than hire Nigerians that you have to process for 39 weeks. Even processing time in Ghana, Kenya, Congo etc is just 8 weeks.
What affects Nigeria is people packaging rubbish and submit to IRCC. And they have discovered most of time, most of this application are based on fake job offers. Of course, they will take extra time to investigate Nigerian applications and because of this investigation , it increases the processing time.

check processing time of applications to Canada here

So if anyone tells you there is are ways to enter Canada without IETLS; please ask questions, is it through study or visiting or work permit based on the information stated earlier.
Don’t patronise travel agents that will tell you about work permit processing within one month except you belong to essential occupation group like nursing, agricultural worker or Information technology.
Finally, please note that immigration laws and application processing period changes from time to time. Therefore, this article is highly opinionated and only for advisory purpose only. You can seek legal advice or do your personal research.

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