Nursing Profession in Canada: Is It Worth The Hype?

There is a very big hype about nursing abroad especially within the African community; It is generally accepted that the best way to go abroad is to be nurse or be in the nursing field.
The rate at which people are encouraged to get into nursing whether they are looking for a career path or trying to change careers is high; More often than not, nursing will always be mentioned.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with nursing, in fact it is a very high paying job. However, it is a open secret that people are going to nursing as a means to an end; which is migration and financial security not out of love or real interest for the profession.
Doing nursing for the wrong reasons can backfire because it is not as easy as people think. Getting into nursing school is rigorous and the courses can prove really hard but the point is, you should do something you are passionate about; This ensures you excel regardless of how difficult it gets along the path.
Therefore do not just do nursing because you want to migrate to Canada and enjoy the high pay. Nursing is a calling; You need to evaluate yourself if nursing is really for you before you put in for the course in nursing school or change your career.
Because of the aging population in Canada, nursing will always be in demand but guess what? Nursing is not the only health related occupation in Canada.
Asides medicine and nursing, below listed (in no particular order) are 12 other healthcare Jobs in Canada that are mostly licensed depending on the province you want to settle into and are also well paying.

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Health care management varies depending on the kind of institution. It is not confined to hospitals alone, it could be facilities for the aged, mental illness care, youth care, disability care etc.
Any institution with integrated health care needs health care management. The minimum requirement is a degree.


If you have medical background and I.T capabilities, you can incorporate health care and information technology. You can excel in designing, analytics, consultancy, informatics,data analysis, business intelligence et.c. There are so much potentials in health care information technology.


These are people who do different kind of work in the dental office, ranging from patient examination, advisory functions and so on.
others are:

  • Lab Technologist
  • Medical Radiographers also known as Radiologic Techonologist or diagnostic radiographers or medical radiation technologists
  • Cardio Technologist
  • Respiratory Technologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Healthcare Insurance

Opportunities in health care industry in Canada is not limited to the above list. Based on observations, African communities have a strong representation in the nursing/ medicine profession, but if you look into other health care field there are few numbers.
I think it is high time we should look at other potentials in the healthcare fields that are equally well paying and satisfying.

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