How a Letter of Explanation can Make Your Application Successful

It will be presumptuous to think everyone knows about letter of explanation; So let us start off by explaining what a letter of explanation is, before we go on and talk about how a simple letter can help tilt your visa application towards the successful side.

A letter of explanation otherwise known as letter of intent, is a letter written to explain yourself to the immigration officer treating your application file. In some cases,you may not have the opportunity of face to face interaction or perhaps during the documents submission period before invitation for an interview, the letter of explanation is an opportunity to give additional information that you need to buttress your application.

Who needs letter of Explanation

This letter serves as a proxy because you are not there in person to explain why you are missing a document or cannot provide a document for instance.

Perhaps you could not do biometrics or there is sudden change in your financial statement of accounts; you could not get a police clearance because of certain circumstances; Or you need to inform the immigration officer that you are seeking asylum or whatever extra information that will fill certain void; These are the areas a letter of explanation can be very helpful.

If you are applying for express entry through Canadian Experience Class, a proof of funds document is not needed unlike other application programs. So you may explain through a letter of explanation why you are  not presenting a proof of funds document.

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Perhaps after proofreading your application, you feel the need to shed more light on certain things that looks sketchy or not straight forward, you may need to write letter of explanation to support the document; To make the immigration officer to better understand that particular aspect of the application.

The Rule of Thumb

  • It should concise, complete and correct. You have to go straight to the point; you don’t need grammar. It is not an academic paper or thesis. You don’t have to impress, just make it simple, clear and straight forward.
  • Keep it as short as possible; remember the immigration officer has a backlog of other applications and they have limited time to go through each applications. So maximum of 1 page to 2 pages. You should not reiterate what you have already submitted in your application. The letter is just to bridge a deficiency in information or clarify something. So keep it short
  • Keep it formal- Be selective of the words you use. Be cautious, polite and formal. Don’t use loose language. I’m sure you already know the drill of writing a formal letter.
  • Make references to attachments -You should make references to the documents you have attached or submitted, so the immigration officer can easily fetch and relate with what you have written.

In conclusion, It is not everybody that needs a letter of explanation; You only need to write one in case you are missing a document or trying to clarify certain things or give a particular information that will aid you towards success in your application.

Do your due diligence or contact an expert to know if you will need a letter of explanation or not.

I wish you good luck in actualizing your migration dreams.

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