My Visa Application Denial Experience: Things You Must Avoid

My US visa application was denied recently and based on this experience, I decided to share tips on what you should avoid when applying for US visa or any visa at all. I believe all my readers can learn a thing or two from this.

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So let’s start with general overview of any visa application;

Almost all visa applications begins with completing an electronic/online or paper form, which in my case was the D160 form.

The form will asks for information from your passport, date of previous travel, work experience, education history among other questions. You may also be required to provide username of your social media accounts used in the past 5 years.

To avoid any mishap and have a successful application, I have listed a few tips below you should adhere to starting from the point you start filling out the visa application form to the visa interview room.

1.      If you are asked to submit your social media account username

 Make sure you clean your social media page off anything that suggest violence, religious extremism, homophobia etc.

2.      Pay attention to details and avoid error

 Your information should be correct and complete. Check dates and check for typographical errors. Make sure you have not made any spelling errors.

3.      Do not provide any information you cannot defend

You must be able to provide evidence to support what you put on your application form. For instance if you claim your sister is your sponsor, you have to prove family ties and also prove that the person is capable of sponsoring you.

4.      Do not memorize answers to questions

It is okay to go online for sample questions and answers but do not memorize because the visa officer may not ask what you expect and if you have memorized a certain pattern of questions, it may throw you off balance. Also your answer may sound rehearsed which gives the consular a red flag.

Just be yourself and be prepared for any question.

5.      Do not give information you are not asked

Some people may be out of confidence or nervousness starts to give more than they are asked. Make sure your answer is brief and direct.

6.      Do not give answer that will trigger additional question

This is almost the same thing as point number 5. When you over talk, you give the visa officer more points to ask questions from.

7.      Consistency of information

Whatever you provide in your online form and what you say during your interview must be consistent. You have to conform to whatever you provide in your form.

Even if after submitting your application, you feel you have not answered a particular question well, do not change your answer in the interview room. Be consistent.

8.      Don’t overly dress

If you have gone for interview before you will attest to this, people come with different outfits, you will different people like traditional chiefs, nuns, catholic priests, pastors, police, army officers etc. They all come in their full regalia and still they are denied.

Dress simple and normal. You do not need to dress to kill.

9.      Get help

Some people are able to do their application themselves perfectly while for some they need some experienced hands especially if it is your first time.

So you need guidance and direction from capable and reliable people. This sector is over saturated by people who claim to know how to package travel documents. Please do your due diligence and get the right hand to help with your visa application.

I wish you good luck with your migration dreams

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