How to prove ties to home country

Contrary to popular opinion, proving home ties is not solely dependent on having assets like land, car building or being married or having children. While this is true, having assets is only an added advantage but it is not the all in all.

In a visa interview, the consular may not even take a look at the documents (marriage certificate, land documents etc.); because the purpose of the interview is not to assess your document but to scrutinize your oral responses and conducts in the interview. Your performance will now help the Consular to make a decision to give you the visa or not.

They may however ask for certain documents but it is just for clarification only. If having documents is the most important thing, they would have asked you to send or upload the documents for them to vet it.

During your interview, do not expect a Consular to ask you directly what your ties to your home country is, he will ask indirectly. For example, he might ask the following questions – What is your plan after studying? Who is sponsoring you and why?

While you are answering this questions, the Consular is assessing if you have a well-defined plan in place after school, it will help him deduce your intentions after graduation.

If you have a sponsor, the Consular would like to know why someone is spending so much to sponsor you and the benefit the person stand to gain from sponsoring you. An example of a good answer is

 “My father is sponsoring me because he wants me to manage the family business after my studies “ or “My husband  is sponsoring me because he has no knowledge of accounting  and he wants me to take over the management of our family business when I graduate.”

You will see that the answers stated above is pointing to ties to home country even the question is not direct.

There are three ways that you can prove your home ties and they are:

Financial ties

This is where you prove that you have land, assets or properties, cash flow and occupation. This shows that you are not desperate and you have no cause to want to live in their country permanently.

It is not enough to say you have something, you have to show how it will bring you back also.

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Family ties

This is the point where you declare your marital status and the number of kids you have. Or if you are unmarried, you can say you are the first child of your parents with responsibilities that will make you come back after study.

For example, if your father is a doctor who has a clinic, sponsoring you to study management. How will you answer to prove your home ties?

A consular may ask “why is your father sponsoring you?”

Your best answer would be “my father is sponsoring me because he only has medical knowledge. After my studies I intend to come back to support his clinic with the managerial skills I hope to gain from my studies; while he focuses on the medical needs of his patients”.

Employment ties

People below certain age, are not expected to have some assets or be married with kids; So you may have to bank on employment ties. You have to explain to the Consular that you have organizations in your country where your skills will be needed.

If you are employed already, build your arguments around your job. You should convince your employer to give you a letter showing that you have a place in the organization after your studies; to use your acquired skills to the benefits of the organization.

Good luck with your migration dreams.

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