Study visa interview: Questions You Must Prepare For

The impression a Consular has is that you are potential migrant. Even if you are applying for a temporary visa, the presumption is that you want to stay permanently. An interview with you gives the consular the opportunity to assess your purpose and intent for travelling in order to decide to approve or deny your visa.

There are sample certain questions that if you are able to answer them well and convincingly, your visa will be approve by the grace of God. Without wasting any more time, grab a cup of coffee or a bowl of Akamu or whatever makes you relax, sit tight because this might be a long read.

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Why are you travelling?

The consular would like to know your reason for travelling. He or she would want to know if you are not using studies as an excuse to travel permanently. Questions about who you are, your family background, marital status, gainful employment or not. Through this questions, the Consular will be able to access your purpose of travelling.

If you are gainfully employed in your country, the Consular can base his/her decision on your current employment to know if you are making a reasonable income. That you will not be desperate to travel to go and stay in their country. It is imperative to make the Consular believe you are going purely for studies. Also, that you will come back to enrich yourself and add value to your current position in your organization.

If you are above certain age, it is important to not go to a visa interview to say you are not employed. Even if you are unemployed, you should be able to state something meaningful you are doing. Like voluntary services, technical skills or entrepreneurship that is reasonable otherwise the Consular will believe there is a high possibility for you not to come back.

Be prepared to explain during the visa interview how your current situation in life is not an opportunity for you to look to stay permanently in their country.

How will you finance your studies?

Who is sponsoring you? What is the relationship between you and your sponsor and why is he sponsoring you? What is the annual income and occupation of your sponsor?

The consular wants to assess whether you have financial capabilities to study and sustain yourself especially in your first year.  It is not enough to show bank statement, it is equally important to prove that there is enough cash flow from the occupation of your sponsor. This is will convince the Consular that your sponsor is capable.

If an organization is sponsoring you, they would like to know why your organization is sponsoring you. How long you have been working with them, how many staff the organization has and so on.

Plan after school

They will likely ask about your long term plans after school; Based on the your response that the Consular will determine whether you will overstay or return.

Even if you have the plans of furthering your studies after the current program, please do not tell the Consular. Just say you will definitely go back to your country to do this and that. If available, you can tell the Consular that you have an organization waiting for you. This will be an added advantage.

If you don’t have an organization or job waiting for you, don‘t worry. Make the Consular believe that you have a long term plan that is connected to you coming back to your home country.

Why must I give you visa?

This is where you explain your career goals and how studying in their country will help you achieve your goals. And how you will contribute to the development of your country with the skills you hope to acquire.

Good luck with your migration dreams.

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