Canadian Citizenship: What You Need to Know About Birth Tourism

Birth tourism is simple when a pregnant foreign women flies to another country just to give birth to secure citizenship for their babies. Firstly, before we dive in, I will like to introduce the concept of birth tourism to you within the Canadian citizenship context.

According to the section 3 and 4 of the citizenship act of 1985, there is a legal right of citizenship for all children born in Canadian territory regardless of the parent’s origin or status.

This act allows foreign nationals to come into Canada to have their child in the country in order claim the right of Canadian citizenship. Which means that the child has all the rights and benefits that every other Canadian has.

The United States and Canada are among the few countries that grants automatic citizenship to children born on their soil. Australia and New Zealand only grant citizenship to babies only when at least one of the parents are citizens or permanent residents.

How much does birth tourism costs

It is hard to say exactly how much it would cost because every case is unique – every situations are different, and of course, policies are always changing and it differs across territories and provinces but I would say that you are looking at roughly.. yes roughly  about 10 to 30 thousand Canadian dollars or more for the whole process. From paying for visa processing, medical care, accommodation, flights etc.

Not to mention the cost of efforts you have to put into it if you are traveling abroad for the first time; You will need to provide proofs of fund or proof of payment to a Canadian hospital.

Are there any benefits of Canadian citizen through childbirth?

Does giving birth in Canada entitles you to anything you to anything? The answer is no. Just because your baby is a citizen of Canada does not mean you also become a citizen/permanent residents automatically; neither does it entitles you to work or study in Canada. All the benefits of citizenship are for your child alone.

There are exception in some cases, if the child needs to be taken care of by the Government of Canada; Then you may file for permanent residency under humanitarian/compassionate considerations. But generally speaking, having a child in Canada does not entitle you to become a permanent resident of Canada.

However, if the child become 18 years old and stays in Canada; He or she can sponsor you to Canada provided all necessary requirements are met.

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How to Process birth tourism

To begin your birth tourism journey, you have to apply for a temporary visa. But you are going to have to prove that you are able to pay for the cost of giving birth and they will conduct assessment of medical admissibility.

Giving birth in Canada does not represent a violation of terms and condition that may apply to a temporary resident; So therefore there is no prerogative to deny visa applicant just solely based on the intent of the applicant to come and give birth in Canada.

While it is a popular occurrence for women to apply for tourist visa just ahead of their birth due date. It is just as likely for a pregnant woman to be denied visa.

It may be deemed illegal to say you are coming for tourism and your real intention is to give birth. So please be mindful of the rules surrounding immigration in various visa categories.

For more information on rules and regulations surrounding childbirth/birth tourism in Canada, click this link CIMM – Birth on Soil –

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